Life at Kas Pathar
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Posted by: Admin, on 1/1/2012 , in category "Life at Kas Pathar"

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Location: Satara, Maharashtra, India

Abstract: Life is very insterting but once special when traffic is there village as well as Vistors get Distruted from actually life of kas pathar with quite clam and fresh air. On day of traffic jam as very narrow road with minimal space adjoining it, no laybys hence quite incapable of dealing with what was by now an army of vehicles and hundreds of over enthusiastic tourists.


Some blamed this as a Sunday effect but whatever the reason traffic management must be more effective. Here is my two-paise worth: 1. Limit number of vehicles to be allowed, based on the area available for parking- particularly on Sundays. Those desirous of visiting the plateau must register a day prior or pay a toll for the same. I am told that the number of vehicles entering Tadoba sanctuary per day is limited at different gates. A similar strategy can be adopted here. This road leads to Bamnoli and Vasota ahead hence such a rule can hamper their travel plans. 2. Do not allow private vehicles at all. Provide sufficient and frequent buses from Satara and to Kas on holidays for the duration of the flowering season. I am told the story is entirely different on working days. At people move out of car and buses they walked all over the flowers, plucked or uprooted the delicate blooms. This traffic jam indicates that many visitors vist the place .But people feel happy and forget the tranffic jam and enjoy the nature.

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Comment posted by on Thursday, September 3, 2015 1:55 PM
Toll stalls should be removed  from main road which further proceed to tapola android bamnoli village. Money  should be taken from those people who want to enter in compounds, or toll shall be situated at entry of main gate of compound  wall of flowers.
Actually what happens the normal people who travels to satara city for work or people visit there relatives of further villages once in 4 months has to pay money unnecessarily which hamper there minds.
It's my advice please don't take  money from people who want to see beautiful nature as people live in this country as free human being.
Comment posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 12:35 PM

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